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Hannibal Brown
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Hannibal Brown has been in the entertainment industry for more than 30 years as an stage actor, voice over talent, A.D.R., narrator in documentaries, audio and voices coordinator. 
The last 8 years he has dedicated his career into documentaries as a writer, producer and narrator . 
He is the signature voice of popular network in Latinamerica and Europe, People & Arts  (Discovery Channel Latinamerica + BBC)

What's New?

03/24/2003 English voice over of colombian officer in Documentary: The True Story of Killing Pablo in History Channel.

03/22/2003 Spanish voice of  Rudi and Mr Cruz in The Bold and the Beautiful
03/15/2003 Spanish voice of Harry Smith of CBS in American inflight show.
03/10/2003 Commercial of Drive Time (character voice and announcer)


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