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Over thirty years of experience in Film and Television industries as dubbing, translator, adaptor, producer and consultant for major productions and commercials. Voice Over, narrator, character voices and audio producer for Spanish international markets. Bilingual, write, read and speak English and Spanish fluently. Handle the everyday speech, slangs and technical language of the entertainment industry in Latin America and United States. Consultant and coordinator for International Productions. Independent Producer. Audio Productions.


July 2002  till today                                 California

People & Arts: network of Discovery Latinamerica and BBC     (Signature Voice) The true story of killing Pablo Escobar Voice in english of Colombian officer in Documentary -The Bold and The Beautiful dubbed in Spanish for USA (Voice of Rudi and Mr Cruz) - PSA Medida K (Announcer) - Drive Time (Character Voices) - CBS in American inflight information (Lypsinc in Spanish of Presentator Harry Smith)

 June 1997 through June 2002                  Florida and California

Voice over, narrator and producer for promos and special projects. People & Arts Network of Discovery Latin America and BBC, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Animal Planet. Character voice of C3PO in Star Wars Saga - Hostess Snack Cakes (Shark and Raccoon) - Vigo Alessi (Presentator) - Educational Books (Narrator & character voice) - Checkn' Go (Character voice) - Excalibur (Character voice) - America II Electronics (Narrator) - Ruben Blades documentary (Narrator) Stunt Show of Batman & Robin (Presentator, Riddle and Two face) Walt Disney World Resort (Narrator and consultant) - Transitions Optical (Narration) - Charly García - Fito Paez - María Felix: La Indomable (Documentaries Narrator) - Visions of a Little Prince (Writer,Producer,Director)

May 1996 through June 1997                   Atlanta, Georgia

TNT Latin America Original Productions. Voice over, narrator, a.d.r, translator, adaptor and audio producer in Spanish of promos, trailers and shows such as: Johnny Quest, WCW, Our Favorite Movie. Voices in: Jaws (Steven Spielberg), Semi Tough (Burt Reynolds), Spaceballs (Mel Brooks), Driving Miss Daisy (Morgan Freeman), Charade (David Hasselhoff), presentator in: The Mask, Woman of the Year, Les Miserables, The Fabulous Baker Boys, The Doors, King of Comedy, Salvador, Wizard of Oz, Mr. Saturday Night, Overboard. Hollywood Stars, special trailers of Hamlet, Love & War, Fargo, 31 Days of Oscars, Cannes 50th Anniversary.

January 1995 through March 1996                        Buenos Aires, Argentina

Invited to give seminars about voice over and narrations in neutral Spanish and international productions in film and television at ISER (Institute of teaching radio and broadcast) Argentine Government.

1990 through 1994                                                Florida and Georgia

Narrator, adaptor, translator and producer for radio, TV commercials and documentaries in Spanish, such as: Radio spots for Georgia Power (Heat Wave, The Game, Making Contact) AT&T (Long Distance makes the difference), narrations and voice over for Bell South International (The Global Village), Coca Cola, UPS, Rio Bravo Restaurants, AFLAC, Adelante Master Card, Atlanta the International City 96 Olympics. Translations, narrations and audio for: Disney World Europe Project, NASA (Space Station Freedom, National Aerospace Plane, Return to Space, NASA the 25th Year) Film Institute of New York, and The Story of Silent Movies.

1977 through 1990                                               Los Angeles, California

Translated, adapted and dubbed as an actor in Spanish, popular features such as: Superman IV, Spaceballs, The Untouchables, Batteries not Included, Shoot to Kill, Outrageous Fortune, Three Man and a Baby, Running Scare, Beverly Hills Cop II, Tough Guys, Dragnet, Witness, The Living Daylights, Jaws IV, Good Morning Vietnam, James Bond Movies. Consultant and coordinator in remix at 20th Century Fox for Spanish markets of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, also the voice of the popular voice of the golden robot C3PO. Translator, adaptor and voices for cartoons: Spider Man, Rambo, The Incredible Hulk, Lensman, GI Joe, Little Ponies, Wizard of Oz, Transformers and serial such as: Taxi, Facts of Life, G.L.O.W., King of Olympics, Max Headroom, Winds of War.

Hannibal Brown was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on September 15th, 1947.

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Graduated in Electronics specialized in Audio 1965.

UNAM University of Mexico, graduated as teacher of theater in 1976.

Moved to Los Angeles, California in 1977. Film Production at UCLA in 1986.

Actually is a member of IDA, American Film Institute and Film society of Lincoln center.

In June 2002 moved from Florida and actually lives in  Los Angeles, California