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Projects in Neutral Spanish

Year 2013
- SMS Productions (México) Production, Creative and Translator
- Comics Rock Show ( México City ) Voices Over and audio presentations
- Kamelot Classic Medieval Show ( México City ) Voice Over and Radio  
- Kamelot Classic Medieval Show ( México City) Presentator and acting as
  Merlin the Magician
- Fresenius Medical Care  - Emergency Take Off ( Spanish Dubbing)
Year 2012
- Primeval Season 4: Primitivo in Neutral Spanish all 10 episodes
- Restrain / Restringido
- Kids Flix - Previews and Movies Trailers for Kids
- Always and Forever / Por Siempre y Para Siempre
- Working Miracles / Haciendo Milagros
- Jack´s Family Adventures / La Aventura Familiar de Jack
- La Historia: Un relato ininterrumpdio sobre Dios y su Pueblo
- The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren (40 Videos)
- BASIC by Francis Chan 
- CREZCA Mexico (Spanish Educational Narratives)
- Donald Davis Storryteller (Spanish Voice and Dubbing)
Year 2011
...Moving to México... Starting jobs by middle of 2011
Year 2009 and 2010
-Primeval "Primitivo" Season 3 - Voice Presentation
-Sexual Harassement. Audio production project for San Francisco Law
 Company. (Translation, Neutral Spanish Voices Coordination, Audio)
- Southern Catholic College of Georgia. (Spanish Lessons) US
Year 2008
- Herbolaria (Corporate presentation in Spanish) Mexico
- Advertising in Black and White: Radio Show in Spanish (Presentator and 
  Narrator). Mar del Plata-Rep Argentina
- DHL Spanish Commercial - Formula 1 Spain
- Southern Catholic College of Georgia. (Spanish Lessons) US
- KCLearning. (Spanish @Lessons) US
- BMX 16 Dynacraft for VuQuest Inc. (Instructional Spanish Video) US. Voice
- Timken Truck Loading for MilePost productions (Security Video in   
  Spanish) USA. Voice Over
- CourtYard WiFi for SkyCastle (TV Commercial Spanish) USA. Voice Over
- Primeval: 2nd Season ( British Series Dubbed in Spanish) Presentator  
- Little Britain (British Series Dubbed in Spanish) US President character
- CougarTech - Brigham Young University: (Spanish Video Presentation)
- Southern Catholic College of Georgia : (Spanish Video Presentation)
- Strange: (British Series Dubbed in Spanish) Presentator
- Dr Who: (Season 2006 and 2007dubbed in spanish) Various Voices
- ILS (India). Spanish Voices for Educational Project - eBook
Year 2006 and 2007
- Lady Channel (Corporate Presentation in Spanish)
- Primeval:  (New British Series Dubbed in Spanish) Presentator  
- Franz Harary: Magic Planet - (Documentaries into Spanish) Presentator +   
  Narrator of 13 Shows for TV
- Simba (Classic Cartoon dubbed into spanish) Voice of Tiger Sherekan
Book of the Jungle  (Classic Carton dubben into Spanish) Translation and
  adaptation and voice of tiger Sherekan
- Bleak House of Charles Dickens: BBC: (Serial Dubbed into Spanish) voice
  of Warren Clarke as Boythorn.
- Quatermass Project: (English to Spanish translation and adaptation, new

   movie version of SciFi British Classic)

- Pucca (Cartoon dubbed in Spanish) Master Hill

- StoryWorks for GAP International: Breakthrough-One day course (Audio,
  translations and Spanish voices production)
- La Suerte esta Echada: (Luck is Tossed) (Argentinian movie dubbed in
  neutral Spanish) Voice of Claudio Gallardou as Don Victor.
-  Ladies in Lavender ( Feature dubbed in Spanish) Voice of Freddie Jones as
  Jan Pandered
- Gideon´s Daughter ( Feature dubbed in Spanish) Voice of  Kerry Shale as
- Friends & Crocodiles ( Feature dubbed in Spanish) Voice of Eddie Marsan 
  as Butterworth  
- Children of Beslan (Documentary produced by BBC) - Spanish Presentator
- Dr. Who: Bad Wolf (Serial dubbed in Spanish) Voice of Emperor Dalek
- Karate Dog  (Feature dubbed in Spanish) Voice of Pat Morita as Chin Li
- Jennifer´s Shadow (Feature dubbed in Spanish) Voice of Duilio Marzio as
  Dario Vanderbil.
- Get Ed (Serial dubbed in Spanish) Voice of City Major
Year 2005
- Dr. Who : The End Of the World (Serial dubbed in Spanish) Voice of Simon Day as Steward.
- Four Minutes (Feature dubbed in Spanish) Voice of Christopher Plummer as Archie Mason
- Paul Getty Villa in Malibu,CA - Spanish tour and narrator - Audio Producer
 and voices coordinator.
- Waking the Dead (British serial dubbed in spanish) Various voices)
- King Lear (Feature dubbed in Spanish) Kent
- Naturally Sadie (Serial dubbed in Spanish) Dr. Finch
-The New Worst Witches (Serial dubbed in Spanish) Caspian
- Jack Frost (Movie Animation dubbed in spanish)Chief Goblin
- Now You See It (Movie Dubbed in spanish-Disney) Professor Mars
- A.K.A. Albert Walker Translation and adaptation into Spanish of British-Canadian production: 
Line of Fire (Serial Dubbed in Spanish) - Voice of Guest Star Stan Kelly as Blair
- Classic Cartoons of Popeye - Bugs Bunny - Betty Boop - Duffy Duck (Character voices and translations and adaptations into spanish): Voice of Blutus-Brutus and many others)
Year 2004
- Only The Strong Survive (Documentary Dubbed in Spanish - Voice of Rufus Thomas)
- Paul Getty Museum Central Garden tour ( Spanish Presentation )  -USA- Year 2005
- Crimes of Fashion   ( Movie Dubbed in Spanish - Voice of Dominique Chianese)     
- Threat Matrix (Serial Dubbed in Spanish) Episode "Flipping" Voice of
  Guest Star  Patrick Bauchau
- Nine Dog Christmas  (Movie Dubbed in Spanish) Narrator     
- CSOFTSolutions for ROBOHELP X5 (Macromedia Presentation) (Beijin-China)
- New Geniol Rojo (Multimedia Presentation - Buenos Aires, Argentina) English Narrator
Year 2003
- Soap  "The Bold and the Beautiful" - Spanish narrator and promos.
- Character voices in dubbing movies into spanish.
- Documentary in History Channel. English voice over of colombian officer in"The True Story of Pablo" 
- Spanish voice of Harry Smith of CBS in American Airlines...