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2011 through 2012                                     México


TV Shows:

KidFlixs: Weekly Show with movies trailers for family

Feature Films:

Restraing / Restringido - Forever and Ever (Por Siempre y Para Siempre – Making Miracles

(Haciendo Milagros) Vickery´s Adventure (Las Aventuras de la Familia Vickery)

Religious Videos Translated directly from screen (no script):

Basic - Basico: Follow Jesus (Sigue a Jesus) – Holy Spirit (Espiritu Santo) – Fear God (Temer a Dios)

Spiritual Keys to Fasting: (Ayuno al límite)

Rick Warren: (40 Videos of Life with Purpose)- Una Vida Con Propósito

La Historia: La Biblia en un relato ininterrumpido acerca de Dios y su Pueblo

International Radio Signatures:

smpturadio.com (Venezuela) – 95.5 Living (Mar del Plata – Argentina)

Educational TV:

Donald Davis Storyteller (Translations and voice replacement) for DVD


2010                                                         Argentina

TV Shows:

KidFlixs: Weekly Show with movies trailers for family

Feature Films:

Alpha Dog - Mistress of Spices - Strike - The Grass Harp - The Warrior Class 


Ancient Mega Tsunami - Kindom of David 1-2-3 - How Do We Talk -

How Many People Can Live On Planet Hearth - Peter & Paul  part 1 and 2

Predator X - Wild Chance part 1 - 2 – 3 - Wild India part 1- 2 - 3 – 4


2009                                                         Argentina


Feature Film:

The Librarian 3 (El Bibliotecario 3)

TV Series:

Waking the Dead S8: Substitute Special of 2 Episodes

Waking the Dead S7: Sins Special of 2 Episodes

Waking the Dead S7: Skin Special of 2 Episodes

Waking the Dead S6: Wren Boys Special of 2 Episodes

Waking the Dead S6: Mask of Sanity Special of 2 Episodes

Waking the Dead S6: Yahrzeit  Special of 2 Episodes

Waking the Dead S5: Black Run Special of 2 Episodes

Primeval: Primitivo 3rd Season 2009 BBC TV series all 10 episodes


Sexual Harassement (educational Video)


Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire 1 and 3 - Secret Civilizations: Machu Pichu City in the Skies - Secret Civilizations: Living with Mummies - Secret Civilizations: Royal Dinasties Deep in the Forest


2008                                                         Argentina


Translation and Audio Narration:

MilePost Productions US: Timken Truck Loading (Security Video in  Spanish)


BBC Horizon Programme: Neanderthal - Europe, A Natural History: Genesis and Ice Ages

Documentary BBC & Discovery: The Natural World - Mountain of the Sea

CougarTech: Electronics Info Video for BYU-Brigham Young University

TV Series:

Primeval: Primitivo  2nd Season 2008-BBC Tv series: All 7 episodes

Doctor WHO: Episode 10 - Love & Monsters


2007                                                         Argentina and México



Animal Planet: Diving With Dolphins with Tanya Streeter

TV Series:

Primeval: Primitivo 1st Season 2007. BBC Tv series Episode 1 and 6

TV Shows:

Franz Harary: Alive in Asia - Magical Planet - Hiper Reality - Mega Magic - Las Vegas - Seul Land - Mexico – Bangladesh - Looking Back Odyssey in Illusion


2006                                                         Argentina


Documentaries Translations:

BBC Documentaries: Five Disasters Waiting To Happen

TV Series Translations:

BBC TV Series: AfterLife-Season 2: Episode 1- Roadside Flowers - Episode 4- Your Hand In Mine - Episode 7- Things Forgotten

Classic Cartoon for MondoTV, Italy:

Classics Cartoons: English to Spanish- Hercules

Classics Cartoons: English to Spanish- The Jungle Book

BBC Movies:

Quatermass Project: (English to Spanish adaptation, new movie version of SciFi British Classic)

Multimedia Project:

Storyworks, San Francisco: Gap International: Breakthrough 1 day course


Animal Planet: Bugging with Ruud - Bugging with Ruud = Alaskan Bugs on Ice - Bugging with Ruud = House Mates - Bugging with Ruud = Moving Heaven & Earth - Bugging with Ruud = Okefenokee - Bugs Swamp Monsters - Bugging with Ruud = Super Heroes

Junio 2004 to 2006                                   Argentina

Special Presentations:

Paul Getty´s Villa Spanish presentation. Paul Getty Museum (Translation, Narration and Audio Production.

Movies Translations and Adaptations:

 A.K.A Albert Walker.Tv Movie(British-Canadian Production) 


Travel Channel: Travel Tech-Gigantic Planes - The Learning Channel: Harley-Davidson: Birth of V-Rod - The Learning Channel: Extreme Machines-Armored Cars - BBC - Great Writers of 20th Century: H.G.Wells - William S. Burroughs - Bertolt Breckt - BBC: Around The World in 80 Treasures: Mali to Egypt - Great Romances Of The Twentieth Century: Lauren Bacall & Humphrey Bogart - Great Romances Of The Twentieth Century: Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth - Science Channel for Discovery Communications Inc: The Wreck Of The Portland - Medicine From The Sea - Travel Channel: The 10 Most Important Destinations Seen From Space - Animal Planet: Jane Goodall´s State of the Great Ape

Classic Cartoons:

Popeye, Bugs Bunny, Betty Boop, Duffy Duck.


Triple T, Orbitrek, Alarm Pro, Easy Crown Molding. 


June 1997 to 2004                                   Florida, California, México & Argentina 


Voice Anchor of:

People & Arts Network of Discovery Latin America and BBC America, 

Narrator of :

Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Animal Planet.

Translator and Spanish consultant and Voice Over: 

Hostess Snack Cakes (Spanish Consultant) Yellow Rice Vigo Alessi (Spanish Consultant) Educational Books (Narrator, Spanish consultant) - America II Electronics 

(Spanish consultant and narrator) 

Stunt Show of Batman & Robin Six Flags Mexico (Spanish Presentator, Double Face and Riddle Character Voices) Walt Disney World Resort (Spanish Commercial) - Transitions Optical (Spanish consultant and Narration) Delta Airlines Instructional Video(Translator, Spanish consultant and narrator) PSA Medida K (Spanish consultant) Visions of a Little Prince documentary (Writer Producer)


May 1996 to June  1997                           Atlanta, Georgia


Spanish translator, adaptor and consultant for voice over, narrations, a.d.r, promos, trailers and shows such as: 

TNT Latin America Original Productions - Johnny Quest, WCW, And Our Favorite Movie.


Jaws (Steven Spielberg), Semi Tough (Burt Reynolds), Spaceballs (Mel Brooks), Driving Miss Daisy (Morgan Freeman), Charade (David Hasselhoff), The Mask, Woman of the Year, Les MiserablesThe Fabulous Baker Boys, The Doors, King of Comedy, Salvador, Wizard of Oz, Mr. Saturday NightOverboard. Hollywood Stars, special trailers of Hamlet, Love & War, Fargo, 31 Days of Oscars, Cannes 50th Anniversary.

January 1995 to March 1996                     Buenos Aires, Argentina

Invited to give seminars about adaptations, voice over and narrations in neutral Spanish and international productions in film and television at ISER (Institute of teaching radio and broadcast) Argentine Government.


1990 to 1994                                             Florida and Georgia


Translator, adaptor for radio, TV commercials and documentaries in Spanish, such as:

Radio spots for Georgia Power: Heat WaveThe Game and Making Contact - AT&T Long Distance makes the difference, narrations and Spanish consultant Bell South International The Global Village - Coca Cola UPS - Rio Bravo Restaurants -  AFLAC -Adelante Master Card -  Atlanta the International City for 96 Olympics. 

Translations and narrations for: 

Disney World Europe Project -  NASA:Space Station FreedomNational Aerospace Plane, Return to Space, NASA the 25th Year - Film Institute of New York, and The History of Silent Movies.


1977 to 1990                                             Los Angeles, California         


Translated, adapted and dubbed in Spanish, popular Features Films such as: 

Superman IV, Spaceballs, The Untouchables, Batteries not Included, Shoot to Kill, Outrageous Fortune, Three Man and a Baby, Running Scare, Beverly Hills Cop II, Tough Guys, Dragnet, Witness, The Living Daylights, Jaws IV, Good Morning Vietnam, James Bond Movies.

Consultant and coordinator in remix at 20thCentury Fox for Spanish markets of:

Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back (Hannibal also Made in Spanish the voice of the Golden Robot C3PO)

Translator, adaptor for cartoons: 

Spider Man, Rambo, The Incredible Hulk, Lensman, GI Joe, Little Ponies, Wizard of Oz, Transformers and serial such as: Taxi, Facts of Life, G.L.O.W., King of Olympics, Max Headroom, Winds of War.


Hannibal Brown was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on September 15th, 1947.

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Graduated in Multimedia in 1968.

UNAM University of Mexico, graduated in Arts and Theater in 1976.

Moved to Los Angeles, California in 1977. Film Production at UCLA in 1986.

Actually is a member of IDA (International Documentary Association) American Film Institute and Film Society of Lincoln Center