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English to Spanish Translations
and Script Adaptations

More than 25 years of experience in translations and adaptations.
Translations and adaptations in a total neutral Spanish of scripts technical and acting for Films, TV Shows, Documentaries, Corporate, Industrial, Radio and TV Commercials,Children Books, Special Presentations.
Adaptations of short and long recording session for lipsync or A.D.R.
Researchs specialized in Cinema, History of Aviation, Ancient History, Europe, Latinamerica, Travel, Animals, Audio, Film Equipment...

Latest Projects in 2011 and 2012

Latest Projects in 2010

Kids Flix: Movie Trailers and Shows for the Family
How do we talk  BBC Horizon
Ancient Mega Tsunamis - National Geographic
Predator X The Ultimate Predator
Alpha Dog : Movie
SPCMAX for Volkswagen - Spanish Info to English
7-10 Strike : Movie

Latest Projects in 2009

Wild India BBC: Series of Documentaries about India
Kids Flix: Movie Trailers and Shows for Family
Waking the Dead S8 BBC: Substitute Special of 2 Episodes
The Librarian 3: Course of Judas Chalice : La Maldición del Caliz de Judas
Waking the Dead S7 BBC: Duty and Honour Special of 2 Episodes
Waking the Dead S7 BBC: Skin Special of 2 Episodes
Crazy for Christmas: Loco por la Navidad Tv Movie
Waking the Dead S7 BBC: Sins Special of 2 Episodes
Waking the Dead S6 BBC: Yahrzeit Special of 2 Episodes
Waking the Dead S6 BBC: Mask of Sanity Special of 2 Episodes
Waking the Dead S6 BBC: The Wren Boys Special of 2 Episodes
Waking the Dead S5 BBC: Black Run Special of 2 Episodes 
Stop Sexual Harassement: Training for Employees (Video)
Secret Civilizations: Machu Pichu City in the Skies
Secret Civilizations: Living with Mummies
Secret Civilizations: Royal Dinasties Deep in the Forest

Latest Projects 2008

MilePost Productions US: Timken Truck Loading  (Security Video in   
BBC Horizon Programme: Neanderthal
Europe, A Natural History: Genesis and Ice Ages
Primeval (Primitivo) 2nd Season 2008 .BBC Tv series: All 7 episodes
Documentary BBC & Discovery: The Natural World - Mountain of the Sea
CougarTech: Electronics Info Video for BYU-Brigham Young University

Latest Projects 2007

Animal Planet: Diving With Dolphins with Tanya Streeter

Primeval: Episode 1 and 6

Franz Harary: Alive in Asia - Magical Planet - Hiper Reality - Mega Magic - Las Vegas - Seul Land - Mexico - Bangladesh - Looking Back Odyssey in Illusion

Latest Projects 2006

BBC Documentaries: Five Disasters Waiting To Happen

AfterLife-Season 2:

Episode 1- Roadside Flowers

Episode 4- Your Hand In Mine

Episode 7- Things Forgotten

Videorecord for MondoTV, Italy:

Classics Cartoons: English to Spanish- Hercules

Classics Cartoons: English to Spanish- The Jungle Book 

BBC Movies:

Quatermass Project: (English to Spanish adaptation, new movie version of SciFi British Classic)

Storyworks, San Francisco:

Gap International: Breakthrough 1 day course


Animal Planet

Bugging with Ruud 

Bugging with Ruud = Alaskan Bugs on Ice

Bugging with Ruud = House Mates

Bugging with Ruud = Moving Heaven & Earth

Bugging with Ruud = Okefenokee - Bugs Swamp Monsters

Bugging with Ruud = Super Heroes

Projects in 2005

Special Presentations:

Paul Getty´s Villa spanish presentation. Paul Getty Museum


Tv Movie(British-Canadian Production): A.K.A Albert Walker.


Travel Channel: Travel Tech-Gigantic Planes

The Learning Channel: Harley-Davidson: Birth of V-Rod

The Learning Channel: Extreme Machines-Armored Cars

BBC - Great Writers of 20th Century: H.G.Wells - William S. Burroughs -Bertolt Breckt

BBC: Around The World in 80 Treasures - Mali to Egypt.

Great Romances Of The Twentieth Century: Lauren Bacall & Humphrey Bogart

Great Romances Of The Twentieth Century: Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth

Science Channel for Discovery Communications Inc- The Wreck Of The Portland.

Science Channel for Discovery Communications Inc- Medicine From The Sea

Travel Channel - The 10 Most Important Destinations Seen From Space.

Animal Planet: Jane Goodall´s State of the Great Ape

Classic Cartoons:

Popeye, Bugs Bunny, Betty Boop, Duffy Duck.


Triple T, Orbitrek, Alarm Pro, Easy Crown Molding.